25 December 2006


A special christmas re-post of some tracks that were posted up by the DIY Chart Show a few months ago, but which I think are still great. Both of them unsigned but both excellent.

First of all, earworm. Those that know me will know that for me to play some industrial metal then it's got to be pretty special and indeed it is a special day. and therefore it's time for something special - especially specially special. spesh, in fact. pure spesh. 100% spesh. I'm not propounding this band or this sound as the next big thing. Or their up-coming album as the album of the year 2007 or 2008 or anything stupid like that. But it's going to win fans and they're going to love it. And that's all you can ask for right?


Deep Beep

Next of all, we have Deep Beep's Funky_3-4 : It's not really nu-rave, cause that would automatically put it into a category of derision and scorn, but it's not really oldskool rave either. Instead it's just plain and simple rave - which despite being written in the last two months doesn't make it any more nu than oldskool. (I know, I know - post the freakin' track and we'll decide -- ok ok ok) here it is:

23 December 2006

Diane Cluck

1 of 2 guest posts from Manchester's Slow Joe

Diane Cluck - Countless Times (Important Records 2006)

Firstly, Diane Cluck's 'Countless Times'. Surprisingly, this album has been recorded in a much more low-tech manner than her debut. Her songs are phenomenally good and somehow seem to glide along that edge of doom and angst without ever being overcome by it. Comparisons are easily drawn to Nina Nastasia and Kristin Hersh's solo career, but I think this holds it's own through the quality of the songwriting and the garage atmosphere. The track I've sent is perhaps not the most reflective of the album style, but it's so gripping and strange, I can't stop playing it.

Ben Christophers

2 of 2 rapid fire guest posts from Manchester's Slow Joe

Ben Christophers' Viewfinder (Rocketeer 2005)

Also, Ben Christophers' 'Viewfinder'. I've been a fan of Christophers' sly, sideways, wired folk stylings for a long time now. This last album is lacking in both the pop-sensible joie de vie and the brazen bizzarity that previous albums seemed to flit between with abandon. It's also lacking in length, being 38 minutes, a fair chunk of which is filled up with short instrumentals (perhaps this was meant to be an EP?). Though, while this may be down in energy, the result is coherent, sophisticated and even romantic. The variety of genre influences are wild, but they are never beaten into you. This song is definitely one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, but despite the overall laziness, I don't feel that any point in the album falls into anything remotely akin to self-pity.

Hope you like them, have a good one this weekend...

21 December 2006


OK, to start off with Tussle

I've already heard their latest release Telescope Mind Being described as the Album of 2007!! - I mean come on, it's still 2006 - and this album was released on the 30th of October, with tracks being posted on 2azzfunkgreats0j and sixeyes and also on Groovin' You (according to Hype Machine). Whatever the situation, you cannot deny that they have a great sound and an infectious energy - reminds me of ESG, Silver Apples, Dirty Filthy Mud, Liquid Liquid & the ilk (I've just realised that this doesn't make them sound particularly groundbreaking - they're not... but, well, listen and decide for yourselves). Check it:

18 December 2006

Malcolm Middleton and Bachelor Machines

First post over here under the new regime. The D!Y Chart Show's taking a Christmas break at the very least and possibly a longer break depending on how the new owners of Brno's Radio Student decide to treat us. It's very feasible that they will decide to ditch the show completely, in which case we'll go elsewhere or that they will want to have a control over our playlist (in both scenarios the DIY doesn't happen on 107FM in Brno).

If we do stop broadcasting on FM, we'll continue on the internet in one way or another.

Which brings me to the point of todays post: the music. Big thanks to Gimmie Back My Head for bringing my attention to the new Malcolm Middleton album, A Brighter Beat which is due for release in January 2007. It follows on nicely from his previous album, Into The Woods and also kind of puts the full stop at the end of the Arab Strap sentence. Anyway here for your listening pleasure is the upbeat downbeat title track:

The unsigned track today comes from Michigan's Clint Hoagland - he's been producing music under the name Bakelite and self-released an album in 2004 called A House is a Machine for Living which I think is no longer available, so I'll try and post up some of this later on this week. The name bakelite unfortunately had to be dropped because of another band with the same name so he became Bachelor Machines check out the Mass Piss. Anyway on with the music, of late Bachelor Mchines out put has been inspired by horror movies and the track below Take My Picture is an amazing NuSkool Breaks track that should have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up - listen to this explain without using the phrase, "unclearable samples", how this is not got a proper release and distribution deal???? As I said I will post more when I have more.