18 December 2006

Malcolm Middleton and Bachelor Machines

First post over here under the new regime. The D!Y Chart Show's taking a Christmas break at the very least and possibly a longer break depending on how the new owners of Brno's Radio Student decide to treat us. It's very feasible that they will decide to ditch the show completely, in which case we'll go elsewhere or that they will want to have a control over our playlist (in both scenarios the DIY doesn't happen on 107FM in Brno).

If we do stop broadcasting on FM, we'll continue on the internet in one way or another.

Which brings me to the point of todays post: the music. Big thanks to Gimmie Back My Head for bringing my attention to the new Malcolm Middleton album, A Brighter Beat which is due for release in January 2007. It follows on nicely from his previous album, Into The Woods and also kind of puts the full stop at the end of the Arab Strap sentence. Anyway here for your listening pleasure is the upbeat downbeat title track:

The unsigned track today comes from Michigan's Clint Hoagland - he's been producing music under the name Bakelite and self-released an album in 2004 called A House is a Machine for Living which I think is no longer available, so I'll try and post up some of this later on this week. The name bakelite unfortunately had to be dropped because of another band with the same name so he became Bachelor Machines check out the Mass Piss. Anyway on with the music, of late Bachelor Mchines out put has been inspired by horror movies and the track below Take My Picture is an amazing NuSkool Breaks track that should have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up - listen to this explain without using the phrase, "unclearable samples", how this is not got a proper release and distribution deal???? As I said I will post more when I have more.

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