08 June 2007

Mother And The Addicts

It's been almost two years since Mother and The Addicts released their debut album Take The Lovers Home Tonight on Chemikal Underground Records. And later on this summer they'll release their second, called Science Fiction Illustrated. I met up with Sam Smith (Mother) briefly in Glasgow last week and asked him about the new album. When I asked him what it was like he said it was darker than the first. The cheeky cheerful Roxy music style tracks have disappeared, to be replaced with darker edgier sound.

We discussed the darkness of the new material. Is it Empire Strikes Back dark? - I asked...

No, says Sam it is Grange Hill meets The Fall dark.

I really like it - it is edgy and gritty and does remind me of The Fall in places but it's got something very original about it too - something that sounds like lots of things but I can't quite place or are just a centimetre in front of the tip of my tongue.

I remember reading somewhere that perfumes are created from fragrances which trigger parts of the brains - some smells will trigger specific memory centres - some smells will trigger emotion centres. What the great perfumers try to do is to create perfumes that trigger centres of the brain not specifically related to memory but that give us the rewarding sensation of trying to remember positive experiences - which ultimately we attribute with names like security or love or excitement or adventure.

Mother and the Addicts - Carthage

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echo said...

I was worried with all the comments about it sounding like the Fall, but this is good. A little "restrained" perhaps, but otherwise a classy pop tune.

Now where have I heard Mothers and the Addicts before ...?