16 October 2007

Beak - El Hacedor EP

It's been a long, long time since I posted, but here's a short and very sweet little EP for you all to download from the Monotonik netlabel(s). Ploughing a similar furrow to Bacanal Intruder, the new EP by beak is melodic glitched-out flamenco guitars, and complex, imploding epileptic IDM beats. It's only three songs, but worthy of your time.

Download it here from the Internet Archive.


Felix said...

Hi, sorry for this off-topic post, but I found no other way of contacting you.

I read Hesko’s post about Doo Rag’s 1994 Peel session and you linked to a song there, but the mp3 is now offline. Is there any possibility to get a hold of it, and maybe the other tracks as well? I would appreciate that very much.


Hesko said...

Sorry, my old website got hacked. I'll try and update all links soon, and post the entire Doo Rag Peel Session (I've a Melt Banana one too if anyone is interested).

Felix said...

That’s brilliant. I’d be very grateful if you could post the url here when it’s uploaded. Thank you!