14 March 2007

Doo Rag

One of the most bizarre Peel Sessions I ever heard was by Doo Rag, from Arizona. An unholy blues-derived racket featuring little in the way of melody, rhythm or even blues.

Doo Rag were a stunning apocalyptic-blues duo comprising the magnificently named Bob Log III on guitar and vocals (sung through a film projector), and Thermos Malling on percussion (usually pots, pans, boxes etc.) Their Peel Session was apparently recorded over the telephone. They toured with a mobile pirate radio station which led to a prosecution in Germany for broadcasting their gig over the frequency of the leading German radio station.

Rectifier is an astounding example of their art. Taken from their Peel Session, this is a loud blues stomp, that almost enters a trance like state with the occasional guitar lick or percussive glitch. Most of their songs were shorter, but this is their anthem.

Bob Log III now performs solo, playing guitar, drums and singing into a telephone handset welded into a motorcycle helmet. His songs are all about playing guitar and drinking whisky. Oh, and tits.


robin said...

I met Bob Log a few years ago after a concert in Brno, he was a top bloke and a fantastic performer.

what more do you need to know.

Hesko said...

I met him at a Manchester gig, and he said he was going to do an album of remixes... of course I did one, sent it to him and never heard about it again. Hope he didn't hate it!

Anonymous said...

Hesko - funny coincidences are coming more often, when they are not expected!

while re-searching for a recent post of a compilation with home-taping stuff (incl. Doo Rag), I again stumbled upon the great photographs of Jutta Brandt, which 1st came to my attention via a Daniel Johnston live concert release from Germany.

Saw Doo Rag back in 99, and sure they were fun! Raw like hell, but the fringes just out of the fridge, so to say - thx for sharing this!

Cheers, Lucky
now @ bordermusic.wordpress