01 March 2007

Sophe Lux

Sophe Lux are a sort of sonambulist's soundtrack, the kind of music you listen to whilst sleepwalking through a field towards the cliffs of Dover. Ah but Gloucester, wait, that's not Dover, 'tis merely a small hollow in the fields. Which is good because after your conniving children have poked your eyes out - the last thing you really want is to walk off the real Cliffs of Dover, especially as the King has gone right off it. Come back Cordelia, all is forgiven - but alas...

So what is the ideal soundtrack to nocturnal freakish shakespearean self-loathing - tinged by pre-war Cabaret kitsch?

I don't know either - sometimes your music collection just doesn't have a track that says I'm tired of the Cabaret Life I want to contemplate Nietsche, Shakespeare and the endless cycle of life, sex, death and rebirth.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon. Sophe Lux are a band who have just released their second album, Waking the Mystics on Zarathustra Records.

I've been trying to guage how successful the band is and how successful they are likely to be... the omens are mixed. One the plus side some famous people have been involved in the making of this album - (Decemberists engineers and Green Day producers - that sort of thing) on the other hand the record label's website has been suspended for non-payment. On one hand BBC says, "There are no results for "sophe lux" on the BBC website." whilst myspace says over 40,000 friends - It's hard to say. What is easy to say though is that the music is fantastic.

More tracks available on www.myspace.com/sophelux

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slow_joe said...

Brilliant. Reminds me of Dresden Dolls, but taken much less seriously, and therefore much better.