24 March 2007

Michael J Sheehy

Michael J Sheehy - Ghost On The Motorway (2007 - Red Eye Music)

Sheehy started his music life as the front man to criminally underlooked sleaze rock band Dream City Film Club (named by an Soho adult movie house which burned down, killing the assumedly engorged patrons inside). The ending of that band was a bitter affair; I know this because I was (un)fortunate enough to see him play live on the exact day the band broke up, being greeted by the words "The band broke up today so it's just me. I'm not bitter or anything."

Since their departure from this aural coil, Sheehy has struggled against unfame and the less than forthcoming generosity of various record labels to make a number of solo albums that are consistently great.

His music would not sound out of place at The Roadhouse in David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' or any number of backwater saloon bars where men rest their Stetsons on the jukebox to quaff copious amounts of whiskey and ogle at the grainy animal porn playing on the faux-wood-finished TV in the corner, which is odd considering his Anglo origins. But don't let a lack of authenticity dissuade you, his fa├žade is good enough to get a song played on 'Deadwood'.

His latest release has lost some urgency and replaced it with a greater focus of americana style, withdrawing wholeheartedly from his post-punk leanings in previous albums and drawing even more influence from bluegrass and country, running alongside his ever eloquent tales of depravity, melancholy and religious betrayal, reminiscent of 'boatman'-era Nick Cave in both lyrical content and competency of arrangement, albeit with a smoother, more seductive aesthetic, particularly in Sheehy's breathy, almost slutty vocals. But despite a slightly more happy-go-lucky approach here, here's also a few touches of an angrier The The influence in a few songs, like this scuzzy little number:

Michael J Sheehy - Crawling Back To Church (mp3)


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