10 January 2007

The Consolations

From Stockport (it's so near Manchester - it actually touches) - there was quite a flutter on teh interweb regarding this outfit. Suggesting that they might sound like a lo-fi Beta Band or something. So we popped over to their masspiss webpage to see whether there was any meat to this broth.

Well, well. What a total disservice to both outfits. The Consolations have entirely their own style, calling on influences (I would guess) as diverse as The Fall, Beck and undoubtably Master Waits himself. This track is taken from the current EP, The Borrowed Time EP, which is out on Upset Zombie Records. It's my favourite of what I've heard so far.

1 comment:

Hesko said...

Is that woman hugging the giant penis sculpture from Clockwork Orange?

Or do I just have a thing for giant penis sculptures?