19 January 2007

Mark Eitzel

Mark Eitzel - Candy Ass (2005 - Cooking Vinyl)

Hardly a stranger to the scene of leftfield songwriters, Eitzel has somehow managed to maintain cult status whilst unassumingly infiltrating a hefty number of music collections. The buzz surrounding this 2005 album, however, was less of a hum and more of a 'hmmmm', as a thousand indie critics stroked their beards and furrowed their brows simultaneously; described on Indiefolkforever as containing "a lot of Pro Tools wankery" and on Pitchfork as a "crushing bore of a detour". I, being a sucker for awkward underdog releases and an arbitrary penchant for anything Pitchfork hates, have decided to like this album. Yes, it's hit and miss. Yes, Eitzel has been blogged to buggery before. No, I don't care; this album is a bold manouvre by a veteran and contains some strange, interesting and wonderfully heavy-eyelid inducing songs, like this one:

Mark Eitzel - Song Of The Mole (mp3)


Iain said...

If Pitchfork don't like it, I'm pretty sure it'll be up my alley......

JAZYK, v.o.s. said...

not too shabby. I can hear the accusation of it being "pro-tools tomfoolery" but it's got charm.