28 January 2007

Player One

Yes it's Player One (aka MePaul from The DIY Chart Show) - he's been performing live for years and years from two stints back in the day on Blue Peter then on to a support slot with Shed 7 and the quintessential near-miss almost getting signed to Chrysalis records. He now DJs on the DIY Chart Show and plays others people's music during his residency at Brno's legendary Fleda night-club. His new direction sees him taking on some classic 60's and 70's tracks and giving them a little shine of breakbeat pop magic.

Well what do you think?

Shirley Ellis - The Clapping Song (Player One Rethink) (MP3)

Please check out his myspace for more....

(this is a daeitmasel exclusive and will only be available for evaluation for a week or so).

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