02 January 2007


STHIL - Beyond the reach of the satellite feeds

Sthil, I've just worked out is not in tribute to the powertool manufacturer as I read on another blog somewhere, but is instead is short for "Search the heavens if lost" - which makes them sound a little bit like an emo band (planes mistaken for stars and so on) - but they're not. They are Jenn Leathers and Joel Willard from Austin Texas and they describe themselves electronic indie pop. I've listened to the album over the holiday period a few times and it's great. Like a happy Boards of Canada meets a tuneful Books over at Keiran Hebdan's house on a rainy saturday afternoon and decide to write a pop record whilst stoned. I've chosen this track as the most representative of the album, beyond the reach of the satellite feeds. Perfect for those long days of laudanum-enduced soporific ennui.

Buy and /or stream the rest of the album here

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