12 January 2007

Dr Frankenstein

Dr Frankenstein are a Portuguese three-piece surf rock band, based around the flamboyant guitar work of André Joaquim. They take their cues from the likes of The Ventures, Link Wray and The Phantom Surfers.

Cat's Eyes is the first track from their album The Cursed Tapes released free on the intertubes, on the netlabel Stealing Orchestra. Whilst the playing is good, the whole production feels just a little too clean and studio bound - perhaps because the drums were re-recorded a couple of years after the guitar and bass. Despite that, this music makes you want to grab some shades and bermuda shorts and impress bikini-clad girls!

Hang nine, dude! Or something...

Click here to download the entire album.

1 comment:

D.I.Y said...

fantastic stuff hesko.