23 January 2007

Fever Tree

Fever Tree were just a normal folk-rock band until they left Houston, Texas in 1967 and headed for the lysergic love-in that was San Francisco.

They soon changed their sound to the fuzzy pop of flower power and whilst not being a huge name in that field, they still managed to break into the Top 100 with the San Francisco Girls single.

But we’re heading for their second album for this weeks instalment.

Ninety Nine and One Half = 2 Minutes and 49 seconds of dirty, scuzzy garage psyche.

The guitars wail, the bass and drums groove and Dennis Keller shrieks his heart out over the top.

Fever Tree - Ninety Nine and One Half



Invinoveritas said...

Fever Tree was a great band. Lead singer was Dennis Keller. Keller should have stepped in for the Doors when Morrison blew it, his style was the same, but his voice was much better. Still is, they say...he has put together a group in Austin called Fever Tree Rising.


LynnaRenae said...

You are correct...Dennis does have a new band premiering right now. Dennis is a close friend of mine here in Austin. I am a promoter as well.What would you think about a big concert here, a psychedelic one with Fever Tree Rising? Let me know if people would come from other cities. They played last Saturday night April 5, 2008 at my RockFest here in Austin, They sounded AWESOME! I used to listen to that album with the fire on the cover in 1970 in college. We would stack it amongst Free, Moody Blues, Dave Mason, It's a Beautiful Day and King Crimson to go to sleep at night! What a great memory! i suggest we help them to make new ones (memories)! Love and peace, Lynne xo www.myspace.com/lynnarenae

gaohui said...